Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Journal Project

Have you ever searched the hashtag #hobonichi on instagram? If not, please do. You'll find the most adorable journals filled with illustrations, MT masking tapes, and snapshots of the instagrammer's daily life. For those of you who may not have heard of them, Hobonichi planners are extremely popular in Japan. They are year-long planners with pages dedicate to each one of the 365 days. The notebooks are grid-lined and have fun features such as moon phases, interesting quotes, and informational pages featuring things like national flowers and drinking coffee around the world. 

While I don't have a hobonichi planner myself, I was inspired by what I saw on instagram to pick up journaling again. But rather than illustrating my actual day, I decided to create journal templates. They're basically just a themed page that I first illustrate and then write in. Part of the reason was also because I wanted to capture them in instagram, but didn't want to actually capture my super private thoughts for the world to see. 

Check out some of my favorite instagrammers who also #hobonichi: 

@irisleee  |  @mogutakahashi  |  @seeiiiu  |  @yellow_elephant 

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