Monday, August 12, 2013

The Genesis of My #WIWT Posts

The daily #wiwt photos began as a way to remember. My best friend at work (that's her on the right) had put in her notice, and we suddenly realized that the amount of time we shared together as coworkers would be quickly coming to an end. We thought about taking snapshots of our daily campus life, doing those fun and small quirky things that can only be found at this crazy amazing place where we call work. But because we did still have a full time job to work and because we weren't exactly good at doing those fun, quirky things, the daily photo quickly evolved into a stand, pose, smile #wiwt shot.

And then it started to really make sense that we took these because it also helped us keep track of what we wore the day, the week, the month before. With age, those types of memories will also quickly fail you. So we kept it going day after day.

I never thought that we would be able to keep it up for more than a week, but somehow we did. And even though we no longer see each other every day, #wiwt still manages to live on thanks to my amazing friends/coworkers who work behind the scene to take these daily photos (sometimes taking a gazillion until we can find one that works) and the new fashionistas/fashionmisters who stand by my side.

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